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Making the Most of $1000 in Child Dental Care


Gippsland families have been reminded to make the most of the$1000 government dental grant for eligible children.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), delivered by Medicare, allows eligible children between the ages of 2 to 17 to receive up to $1000 worth of dental treatments over two years, with no out of pocket expenses for most families.

Rapid Response Dental practice director Dr Taehee Lee said that while the scheme had been popular since it first launched in 2014, many families failed to claim these important dental care opportunities.

“Based on our observations here at the clinic, I would estimate only about 25% of eligible families have taken advantage of this funding,” Dr Lee said.

Through the CDBS, every eligible child is entitled to $1000 worth of common check-ups and treatments, including examinations, cleaning, extractions, X-rays and fillings.

“The Child Dental Benefits Schedule gives parents a great opportunity to seek and obtain the dental treatments their children need with no out of pocket expenses for most families,” Dr Lee said.

“At Rapid Response Dental, we provide top quality, same day dental care. Families who are eligible for the scheme, can get exceptional, immediate dental care, often without any upfront costs. We are also authorised to check a patient’s CDBS balances and eligibility.

“Basically we strongly encourage people to ensure they make the most of the service and to keep their children's examinations regular. It’s a no brainer really.”

Rapid Response Dental is committed to providing the best same day, hassle-free oral care for Gippsland. The clinic is complete with the very latest dental technology and a highly qualified, caring team.

For more information about the CDBS, or to book an appointment, call Rapid Response Dental: (03) 5662 0940. Alternatively, you can speak with our friendly, professional staff at our clinic: 1st Floor, 3 Lyon Street, Leongatha. Or visit our website for more information: www.rapidresponsedental.com.au


Rapid Response Dental: At The Cutting Edge of Technology

Delivering on its commitment to provide the best same day, hassle free oral care for Gippsland, Rapid Response Dental have updated the clinic with the very latest dental technology available. 

Along with another three state-of-the-art dental chairs being installed at the clinic, Rapid Response Dental have also invested in the latest intra-oral cameras on the market. These high resolution cameras provide high quality imaging to aid in diagnostics and assist in monitoring overall oral health.

Rapid Response Dental’s clinic director, Dr Taehee Lee, believes quality equipment and staying current with the latest technology and techniques in dentistry is vital in providing the best same day dental care.

“Quality equipment and the latest in technology allow us to make the best decisions and deliver on the best treatments for our busy patients who want to get the job done as quickly as possible so they can return to their everyday life.

“In dentistry, the first priority is always the patient. Especially in emergency dental care, you need to act swiftly and make a decision on what solution will be the best way forward for the patient, both in terms of pain relief and treating the issue effectively. The new technology we’ve brought in will help us make those decisions and find very the best solution for our patients.”

These advancements enhance the already exceptional same day, hassle-free dental care that Rapid Response Dental provides. Along with the latest technology, Dr Taehee Lee believes continuous training is a priority.

“Currently we’ve got three dentists and a hygienist at the clinic. They’re outstanding clinicians- all highly qualified, skilled and with a genuine care for our clients. At Rapid Response Dental we’ve also got a huge focus on ongoing education. This satisfies our dentists’ thirst for knowledge, and makes sure our patients get the best treatment by staff who are up-to-date with the latest techniques in dentistry.” 

For high quality, hassle-free same day dental care, call Rapid Response Dental: (03) 5662 0940. Alternately, you can speak with our friendly, professional staff at our clinic: 1st Floor, 3 Lyon Street, Leongatha. Or visit our website for more information: www.rapidresponsedental.com.au